View and create atmospheric AM models between 60 and 200 micron in IDL
Written by Christof Iserlohe

christof [at] ciserlohe [dot] de

AM_VIEW calculates AM atmospheric models (see e.g. as parametrized by Guan et al., 2012 (2012A&A...542L...4G). The purpose of this program is to enable users to model atmospheric corrections for astronomical observations in the far-infrared wavelength regime.
The parametrization allows to immediatly calculate model atmospheres for the wavelength range of 60 micron to 200 micron. Input parameters are the predictable water vapour content of the atmosphere [micron], the ambient temperature of the atmosphere [K], the pressure [Torr], the elevation of the observations [deg], the Gaussian spectral resolution (R=λ/Δλ ~ 10-10000) required and the sampling of the output spectra and transmission curves. These can be stored as fitsfiles.

Additionally AM_VIEW indicates the most prominent atmospheric features in this wavelength range (H2O, CO2, O3, N2O, CO, CH4, O2, NO, OH and N2) using the HITRAN database.

Pressure models exist between 75 and 450 Torr in steps of 25 Torr. Intermediate Pressure levels are interpolated linearly.

Additionally, users can implement the two functions that read the am parametrization and calculate the emission/absorption spectrum into their own programs.

AM_VIEW was originally designed for users of the FIFI-LS and GREAT instrument onboard SOFIA.

The FIFI-LS team together with US colleagues in may 2014. (Copyright: NASA, Tom Tschida).

AM_VIEW needs at least IDL version 7.0.
AM_VIEW runs under LINUX, WINDOWS and MAC.
A minimum screen size of 1024 x 768 pixel is needed.


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The main GUI

The main GUI of AM_VIEW where all parameters can be set. The 8 brightest features in this wavelength range are indicated.
AM_VIEW is currently under development and is only available upon request. The full package contains app. 1,4 GB of data. If you want to use AM_VIEW, please send an email to ciserlohe [at] iserlohe [dot] de. The program comes with no warranty whatsoever. If you use this program, please reference to Guan et al., 2012A&A...542L...4G.

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